Golgo Island Productions are happy and proud to unveil their upcoming

Neutron York 3000.

After the nuclear holocaust, a man raises to federate the survivors of a shattered America: that man is the president of the United States, and it is after his call that thousands of survivors head to New York, the city that hechose to rebuild the land of freedom.

In the devastated town, citizen militias are organized to enforce safety and order. But the process is a long and painful one as danger awaits within and beyond the bonds of the city. The president needs enlightened leaders to head the city gangs in a crusade against crime, all forms of physical and mental deviance, and America’s many enemies - will you be one of those great men providence sends?

Neutron York 3000 is a skirmish game transposing all the madness of Golgo Island into the specific universe of a post-apocalyptic future, sucking its most popular characters out of their dark B-movie studios to lay them on the glossy strips of a crazy comic book.

This not only means that your Golgo Island figures are due to live new adventures in Neutron York 3000, but that new ones will soon come to develop and revisit both universes’ cast of characters, which is rich with more than a hundred designs already.

Although intended for a skirmish format comparable to Golgo Island, Neutron York 3000 uses a completely new game engine that focuses on rendering the furious atmosphere of futuristic gunfights between the armed gangs of Neutron York but it also keeps the elements that made the success of our first title: simplicity, conviviality, and open-endedness. The game uses a system of alternate activation with action points, while tests and combat are resolved with D6s. A point value system is also integrated so that everyone can throw their own creations into this new universe while ensuring balance between them. Rules for campaign play and experience as well as a full scenario pack are included to make of Neutron York 3000 a complete game that can be played straight away, yet offers enough depth for hundreds of games with the figures of your choice.

While the game is still in development and should be available in Summer 2011, you can already buy some of its lead characters from East Riding Miniatures’ Golgo Island range.

>> Download the beta rules (PDF) !