Gangs Of Golgoville sculpting competition

Here are, in order of submission, the entries we got for the Gangs of Golgoville sculpting competition. We're counting on your comments (on the Golgo Group, Frothers, The Miniatures Page, Warmania or The Rev's Crap Forum) to help us with the final rankings.

A huge THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK to all entrants !

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Jean-Claude Le Quiff by Crazy Cavey

"My vertically challenged, French man with the biggest guns on golgo Island, Nobody mention his height! I was imagining a mean Charles Bronson, but shorter! And with Attitude! Then the French background seemed to be a natural follow on."

Zombie Soldier by Xennosmini

"I wanted to make a zombie-like fig, and the result was the zombie soldier."

Lola, Flip & Dr Zoidstein by WeeSparky (of Fictional Miniatures)

"I made a small intergalactic trading crew for my entry. I used two dollies from Bronze Age and one from Reaper. The crew constists of Lola the Cyclopian pilot, Flip the co-pilot/baggage handler, and Dr. Zoidstein the medical officer.."

Bulldozer by RandomMao

"They call her "Bulldozer" but for me she is a lovely girl named Emma. She is armed with a sledgehammer but the gasmask is her most precious item, it's not that it would grant her much protection as the eye windows are broken and the filter can have been clogged up since the last world war, it just makes her feel beautiful. I can kindly give you a nice little advice; Whatever you do, Do NOT touch her mask.

She is a big lady; exactly 30mm to the top of her head knees bended. Sculpted with Magic Sculpt. The gas mask filter is a separate piece and the wire is there just to make it easier to handle. "

Egor Ivanovich Zolotarev by Eul

"Egor Ivanovich Zolotarev ancien champion d'Allemagne de l'est de Roller Quad arrive enfin sur Golgo Island!"

Killer Clown by Borrible

"My entry to the contest. Huge evil butterball of a clown.

You probably don't want to know what he is doing with the baby. He is big, about 35mm from eye to toes."