Q: Where can I get those lovely figures dedicated to Golgo Island?

A: They are available from East Riding Miniatures (UK) and Syr Hobbs wargames (USA). Contact Tony Barr at ERM or Duane and Laura at SH if you want to know more about ordering them.

Q: What scale are they?

A: General scale is 28mm. Yes, they mix in very well with most other figure ranges out there.

Q: How much are they?

A: Most packs are 5. They contain 4 or 5 figures depending on their type.

Q: Hey - with free rules, that's a pretty inexpensive game to get into! Is there a trick ?

A: No, there isn't.

Q: Is it possible to play games with more than 2 players?

A: Actually, Golgo Island was designed with those kind of games in mind. The more, the merrier, but unless you use a scenario specifically designed for large games, we feel 6 players can be considered the maximum.

Q: Can you game solo?

A: Yes, you can, and rather easily so thanks to the Twist system. If there is demand, we may add some more specific adjustments to the rules.

Q: This is so cool! Now I have bought tons of Golgo Island figures, can I buy some from other manufacturers as well, or use some I already own in Golgo Island?

A: Sure! Creating a profile for a figure is extremely easy.

Q: Can someone help me do it? Is there a Golgo Island community?

A: Our yahoogroup was launched in November '07, and we'd be happy to help. You may also want to check out the WarEngine group for more general questions regarding the system.