Golgo Banana Showdown !


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We are happy to announce our annual special Golgo Island gaming event: the Golgo Banana Showdown!

Across the reaches of Time and Space comes the Banana Tyrant! Infamous criminal and part time Intergalactic Dictator, the Tyrant is seeking refuge as the Galactic Federation pursue him in retribution for him turning the inhabitants of Xanthos IV into cannibal monkey nuns.
Commander Kirk “Danger” Hasslehöffner is the only man to be trusted with such a perilous mission. Having defeated the Robot Piranha Men from the planet Kod, Kirk is ready for anything. But even he has never faced anything like the Banana Tyrant before: a huge powerful beast with the mutated brain of a thousand geniuses, a bad temper and a MK7 Destructo Beam Gun.
Seeking refuge from the Federation, the Tyrant has been hiding for years upon a mysterious island lost in the middle of a tedious and mediocre planet of no value. But the Tyrant has been betrayed by the powerful electro-telekinetic waves emitted by his own awesome mutated brain. His location has been revealed to the Federation and Commander Kirk and the finest crew of bounty hunters this side of the Medusa Eclipse are hot on his trail.
Their mission is simple: bring back the Tyrant for trial at the Justice Court of Uranus. Here, the beast will be charged with fraud, possession of drugs, speeding, ship theft, inter-species rape, drinking, pot-smoking, drinking and pot-smoking at the wheel in hyperspacial drive, assault, shoplifting, crookery, nookery, impersonating a member of the Quallafax Royal Family, inventing illegal death rays, inventing giant three legged giant robot penguins with illegal death rays, devouring a parking warden and using the whole of the Thex-Stigma Quadrant as his personal brothel.

Mission update: Commander Kirk “Danger” Hasslehöffner’s ship, The Crimson Mooncow landed successfully on Golgo Island. Malfunctioning auto camo resulting in much undesired attention including attempted hijacking by adventurers trying to escape the island, crazed flesh hungry cannibals, deluded pirates presuming craft is a drug loaded plane, trainspotters and a small man called keith who is convinced the craft is ‘a magic whale’ that can take him to Pixieland. Mission impeded by island wide hunt for the Banana Tyrant by local forces. Many rumours of great wealth and precious stones in Tyrant’s lair. Proceeding with caution and extreme prejudice.

So there you have it, fellow Golgoians! What will happen next?

Will dark forces try to steal the advanced technology of Kirk’s spacecraft or will rival Bounty Hunters try to crash his mission and capture the Banana Tyrant for themselves?
Will the giant mutated brain of the Tyrant become the feast a zombie horde could previously only dream of?
Will his treasure be filched by impoverished adventurers?
And will the dreaded cults of the Totemic Banana and the Great Golgo sacrifice everyone to their warped bloodthirsty gods?
It’s up to you and the little lead characters you’ll be playing in this awesomely amazing astounding adventure at this year’s Golgo Banana Showdown! Their progress, their bravery and their boldness will determine if they are simple extras, or if they star in this momentous epic, worthy of the greatest italo-turco-mongol co-productions: ROMANCING THE BANANA – a B-movie bummer by Golgo Island Productions ltd!

What is the Golgo Banana Showdown?

It is the cyclical confrontation of good and evil on Golgo Island, respectively represented by the benevolent Totemic Banana, and the dreaded Great Golgo. From those mighty clashes involving factions from all over, great changes arise on the island, and new names are cast in fiery letters in the Golgo Island hall of fame forever. In less poetical terms, it is a campaign organised as an uncompetitive tournament using the (free) or the WarEngine.

Where and when is it?

July 26th 2008 in Le Mesnil Saint Denis, France.

What do I need?

3 units (characters or squads ranging from 60 to 80pts – figures can be from any manufacturer) for a total budget of 220pts ; if you can bring any, a dozen silly non-player creatures (like zorgls, zombies, snakes, zombies, aliens ...). Players can change their forces between games.

How much do I have to pay to participate?

Entry is free. But you are welcome to spend the money thereby saved by buying the organisers a beer, or some lovely Golgo Island figures.

Yeah but I’ve never played that WarEngine thingie…

We’ll take care of it, you’ll learn quickly. As long as you want to play fun games with adequately silly figs in a laid back atmosphere, consider you can and must come.

Wow, that sounds cool !

Doesn’t it ? That’s why you should join the mighty Golgo Island group for any enquiries, and to discuss your projects for the event. Registrations must be sent to banana.tyrant@gmail.com before July 1st 2008.